Project Maximum Demand 500kVA (125 housing units)
Date 2009
Cost ???
Municipality/ Supply Authority Eskom
Project Scope 1 X MV ( 11000V) B-Type Mini substation.
Secondary MV underground cable "cut in" to existing MV ring.
LV reticulation from mini substation to a number of main distribution boards throughout the development.

To meet the constant demand for housing in the Western Cape, the City of Cape Town has launched a drive to provide affordable gap housing. This has brought about a partnership between three separate entities to pursue this goal of providing affordable housing developments. This partnership is between the City of Cape Town who makes the relevant land available for these projects, various financial institutions that provide the finance for these projects and ofcourse the Developer who then builds the land up into affordable gap housing units.

Koukab Energy Consultants has completed a project of this nature which is situated in the area of 11th Avenue Elsies river, this project entailed a 500kVA LPU supply and 200m of Medium Voltage underground cabling.